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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Changed...for the Better

Origami Owl is truly being a "Force for Good".

Our Mission Statement is ringing true to me today. 

Our Mission is to be a Force for Good; to Love, Inspire and Motivate Women of All Ages to Reach Their Dreams and Empower Them to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others.

Inspire and Motivate. Inspire and Motivate.

Today, I am not going to write about the wonders of this company and how a year ago, I had no idea what sort of ride I was in for.  {I will save that for all of the other days!!!}

Nope.  I am going to talk about change.

Change. Change for the better.

Origami Owl is teaming with country music megastars, Rascal Flatts to "inspire a movement of change across the country". 

 Now, I don't listen to country music, but what I heard moved me.  Rascal Flatt's hit single, "Changed" highlights a spiritual revelation that results in a life changed for the better.

To quote Origami Owl...

If you could do just one thing to change your life for the better, what would it be???

Would you...

* spend more time with your family???
* be a better friend???
* live a healthier lifestyle???
* improve the quality of your life in some other meaningful way???
* pursue your dreams???

Live a life with purpose!!!  Celebrate your decision to change with a Limited Edition Changed tag.

If you happen to keep up with my other blog, you will know that this resonates with me in a big way today.  I am actually inspired to make a change because of a piece of pewter jewelry.


Spend more time with my family???  Yes.  I am fortunate enough to have so many family members in the area...I isolate myself.  There is NO reason why I can't spend more time with my family.  This, I will change.

Be a better friend???  Yes.  Like spending more time with my family, I need to be a better friend.  Yes, my friends are spread out over the country, but I have plenty of good friends right here within a short drive.  There is NO reason why I can't spend more time with my friends.  This, I will change.

Live a healthier lifestyle???  Yes.  This is something I continually struggle with.  I can make small changes.  I can go back to working out...even if I don't have the time to go to the gym, I can walk.  The weather will be getting nicer.  This is something that I can do.   This, I will change.

Improve the quality of your life in some other meaningful way???  Yes.  This is coming to light.  Today.  This very day, I feel a huge weight is being lifted off my shoulders.  This is a little more personal and faith based, but it is something that is happening.  This, I will change.

Pursue your dreams???  Yes.  Because I am now an Independent Designer {well, technically a Senior Team Leader} with Origami Owl, I am able to pursue my dreams.   {so I lied about not telling the wonders of this company in this post}.  My vision board.  It is happening.  This, I will AM changing.

To support Origami Owl's mission of being a "Force for Good" I am donating 100% of my profit from the sale of "Changed" items to Cole's Crew to benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer.*

Cole's Crew is a support system founded by a friend of mine, who lost her son to pediatric cancer {before I met her}.  She organizes fundraising events to benefit non-profits such as Friends of Kids with Cancer, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri and Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Please help me be that Force for Good and order your own "Changed" tag today.   Visit my website to place your order.

Together, we CAN make a change.

*orders must be placed directly from my website, www.chrissypagnotti.origamiowl.com.  Changed items include the Changed tag ($15), Changed tag and Single Download ($16) and Changed tag and Deluxe Album Download ($28).  Profits will be donated from Changed sales on my website for the month of March.  These items are limited edition and may sell out by month's end.


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